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Alma Sweat X

3% of the global population suffering from excessive sweating aka HYPERHIDROSIS.
They might be sweating from different areas or different reasons.

Alma Sweat X Video

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The Alma Sweat X Solution :
- A Completely new treatment for excessive sweating and body odor.
- Lasting Solution, safe Painless and clinically proven treatment that without using toxins, drugs or surgical incisions.
- Alma Sweat X works by delivering precisely controlled, thermal energy to the treatment area, selectively deactivating the sweat glands.
- Treatment is quick and painless, with improvement often seen after only one treatment.

Common treatment for :
HYPERHIDROSIS BOTOX - Temporarily & Painful. Only for Hyperhidrosis & Possible misses.
Microwave Device – Non selective & Painful. Slow recovery time & Possible misses.

Alma Sweat-X using UniPolar & CoaxiPolar Technology Lasting Results by combined technologies Selective & Effective & Focused Various Deep Heating to Deactivate Eccrine and Apocrine Sweat Glands

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