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What is Cellulite?

Essentially a feminine phenomenon, cellulite results from a build-up of fat in the adiposities (subcutaneous fat cells) and the retention of water in the surrounding areas (dermis and hypodermis). As the adiposities continue to grow, the envelopes containing them lose their shape and pull on their cutaneous anchoring points, giving the skin its “orange peel” appearance. As this stage, the main problem is that the process is self-sustaining as a result of a reduction in blood circulation, causing in turn stagnation of the metabolic waste, nutritional impoverishment and congestion of the connective tissue, which losses its elasticity and become fibrous. This extremely unsightly condition results in cellulitic areas that are unresponsive to physical exercise and to even the strictest slimming diets.
...anti-cellulite treatment
A non-invasive painless treatment

The LPG method is practiced by health and beauty professionals exclusively trained in and equipped with the Cellu M6.Cellu M6 Keymodule i high technology enables the practitioner to achieve optimum tissue mechanization, notably in the hypodermal fat cells. This cutaneous gymnastics help to reharmonise the connective tissue and increase both blood and lymph circulation thus promoting the elimination of metabolic waste. The result: a slimmer, more contoured body and a smoother, firmer skin. As an added advantage, this painless process produces a feeling of well-being; it is relaxing; and it involves no medical treatment or the administration of any chemical substances. It simply consists of restoring and activating a number of the organism’s and the skin’s natural functions.

7 Questions about Endermologie®

Is it New?
LPG has been in use for over fifteen years; sessions can be counted in their millions, and with every day that passes tens of thousands of women feel the benefits.

Is it Painless?
This is a personalized treatment adapted to the skin sensitivity of each individual patient and is never painful.

Does it Help You Lose Weight?
Endermologie acts on the cellulite as well as on the quality and appearance of the skin; this may be accompanied by some weight loss.

Can it Replace a Diet?
Whilst a sensible diet can help you to maintain a healthy weight, Endermologie acts effectively on cellulite and on body shape and volume.

Is it More Effective Than Sport?
Sport is obviously very beneficial, but it can’t fight cellulite. So you need to combine sport with a course of Endermologie treatment.

Can it Replace Liposuction?
Liposuction techniques are designed to help with body shape and volume, but they can’t solve problems of cellulite and skin appearance. Consequently, Endermologie is an excellent complement to plastic surgery.

Has the Effectiveness of the Method Been Proven Ssientically?
The results obtained by the LPG method have been confirmed by scientific studies conducted in leading American and European universities.

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