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Due to the harsh effects of the sun, wind, gravity and age, the muscles that hold the forehead smooth can become weak and loose - resulting in frown lines, horizontal creases and drooping eyebrows. This can also make you look angry, sad or puzzled even when you're not.
A brow or forehead lift is most often done to raise dropping eyebrows and smooth out wrinkles and creases on the forehead and between the eyes. The tissue of the forehead and brow can sometimes sag down over the upper eyelid to such an extent that the eyelashes and eyebrows meet.

Wrinkles or “corrugations” in the forehead and the frown lines between the eyes become fixed. These wrinkles and creases can cause a person to look tired, sad, or angry all the time.

The brow lift is performed through an incision made from ear to ear across the crown of the head. The pattern of the incision follows much the same line as a set of headphones. Before the surgery, the hair is bound up in rubber bands on either side of the incision. A thin line of hair may be shaves along the incision.

The skin of the brow is lifted carefully and some of the underlying muscle tissue is altered or removed. It is the downward pull of the muscles that causes the brow to droop. The skin is pulled back and the excess skin is trimmed away so that it exactly fits the incision line. The incision is closed with sutures or metal clips.

Brow-lift surgery usually last between one and two hours. It is usually performed in an outpatient facility with local anesthetics and sedatives to relieve tension.

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