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The ultimate expression of femininity is in the soft silkiness of a woman's touch and feel. Having beautifully smooth, flawless skin is the source of much inner confidence and that feeling of glamour.
Breakdown of hair follicle and elimination of surrounding veins through selective photothermolysis.

Application of energy longer than Thermal Relaxation time (TRT) of epidermal melanin and shorter than TRT of follicle melanin.

Elimination of hair follicle located deep in skin using Penetration depth of 1064nm Low absorption by other cells: Low possibility of skin texture change or unwanted pigmentation.

Treatment Cautions

• Always wear protection googles during procedure.
• Avoid tanning of treatment areas before procedure.
• Shave 1 or 2 days before treatment for coarse hair and 2
or 3 day for normal / fine hair.
• Avoid double application on the same spot in order to
prevent skin burns.
• Contact cooling is effective in reducing pain during
procedure, but extended cooling can lead to contraction of vein.