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Eczema is a general term encompassing various inflamed skin conditions. It is persistent and unsightly, characterized by redness, dryness, extremely itchy patches and more. Approximately 10% - 20% of the world’s population is affected by eczema.
Keratolysis exfoliativa is a common chronic, asymptomatic, non-inflammatory, symmetric peeling of palms and soles. The cause is unknown.

a) No therapy other than lubrication is required.

The palm is barely erythematous, with a serpiginous light desquamation. Itching is not typical. Potassium hydroxide testing of the scale is negative.

A severe form that recurred two or three times each year. Palms were painful.

Fingers showing fine scaling and no erythema. This scaling is often recurrent and occurs in waves. The cause is unknown.

Palmar erythema, dryness, increased markings, and fine ring-like arrangements of scaling are present. This benign condition often responds well to frequent emollient use.