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Eczema is a general term encompassing various inflamed skin conditions. It is persistent and unsightly, characterized by redness, dryness, extremely itchy patches and more. Approximately 10% - 20% of the world’s population is affected by eczema.
Keratosis pilaris consists of rough, monomorphic, tiny, follicle-based scalling papules most commonly on the posterolateral aspects of the upper arms but occasionally more widerspread, including the anterior and lateral things and the buttocks. It results from mild follicular plugging and perifollicular inflammation.

a) Many patients seek treatment for cosmesis, because most often the lesions are asymptomatic.
b) Keratosis pilaris often improves or resolves by adulthood.

Keratosis pilaris is characterized by pink, erythematous follicular papules, which are also somewhat scaly.

Discrete erythematous and scaling follicular papules on the lateral upper arms. This is a benign process with a cosmetic impact that is often distressing.

Tiny follicular papules on the lateral cheek. Atopy often accompanies this condition.

Florid keratosis pilaris on the buttocks of a young child. The erythematous papules involve numerous follicles and are inflammatory.