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Comedonal acne consists of blackheads, or comedones. The skin may look and feel bumpy, or have a "sandpapery" texture. For some, inflamed pimples only occur occasionally. For others, breakouts may become inflamed.
Facial acne-like eruption of people over age 30. Does not scar like acne. Oscular disease common.

a) Few pustules and mild erythema are treated topically. This treatment minimally effective for erythema. May use with oral antibiotics.
b) Isotretinoin and prednisone for very severe cases.

Classic presentation with papules and pustules on forehead, cheeks and nose. There is erythema but few telangiectasias.

Erythema of the nose is highly characteristic of rosacea. Pustules present on the cheeks. Acne can present with the same lesions and distribution.

Years of active inflammation permanently alter the dermis and distort the structure of the nose. This is called rhinophyma.

The eye is involved in about 50% of cases. Many problems are reported; grittiness and mild conjunctivitis are common complaints.